3M Drinking Water Settlement – Who is eligible, and when will the payout begin?

The agreement stipulates payouts through 2036, with the amount payable ranging from $10.5 billion to $12.5 billion depending on the extent of additional contamination discovered. As part of a multibillion-dollar settlement, Minnesota-based chemical firm 3M will start paying drinking water settlements in the United States this summer.

3M Drinking Water Settlement 

The settlement agreement with U.S. public water suppliers (PWS) gained final approval from the U.S. District Court in Charleston, South Carolina. It aims to address PFAS (per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances) in drinking water. PWS that now detect PFAS at any level or may do so in the future are supported by the agreement.

U.S.-based PWS provides drinking water to Americans across the country. 3M committed up to $10.5 billion payable over 13 years for PFAS remediation. Assuming there are no current challenges to the final approval decision, payments under the agreement are planned to start in the third quarter of 2024.

For additional details, you can visit the Settlement Administrator’s website or carefully review this article for authentic information. 

 “This represents a significant advancement for 3M as we persist in fulfilling our top priorities.” “We will continue to work toward reducing risk and uncertainty as we move forward with the final approval of this settlement and the ongoing progress toward ceasing all PFAS manufacturing by the end of 2025,” stated Mike Roman, chairman and CEO of 3M.

What will be the 3M Drinking Water Settlement Amount per person?

The 3M Drinking Water Settlement does not provide a specific amount per person. Instead, it supports U.S. public water suppliers (PWS) that detect PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) in drinking water. 

The settlement includes a pre-tax present value commitment of up to $10.5 billion to 12.5 billion, payable over 13 years. The agreement states that payments will start in the third quarter of 2024.

3M Drinking Water Settlement 

When will I get the 3M Drinking Water Settlement Amount? 

A lawsuit launched by Stuart, Florida, and nearly 300 other cities against manufacturers of firefighting foam or the PFAS it contained resulted in the 3M settlement that was initially made public in June. 

The money will assist in defraying part of the expense of PFAS removal from systems. According to Scott Summy, one of the primary attorneys for the lawsuits against 3M and other manufacturers, a portion of the settlement funds will support testing of more water systems for PFAS contamination. 

As contamination is discovered It has been said that all the people will get a settlement amount till 2036. After receiving final clearance from a federal judge last week, 3M will begin paying out its $12.5 billion “forever chemicals” settlement with public water systems later this year.

Who is Eligible to Get a 3M Drinking Water Settlement? 

Fortunately, if public water utilities can demonstrate any degree of pollution in their public water supply, they will be eligible. This indicates that over 50% of public water systems are qualified to receive funding. 

Municipal water suppliers have several requirements to fulfill to be eligible for the 3M PFAS settlement:

  • 3M committed to only settling with utilities that provide public water and that meet certain additional requirements. Federal water suppliers, state-run water wells, and private water wells are not included in the settlement.
  • Those who qualify for this claim must demonstrate that PFAS have gotten into their water source. If a public water system can produce any test results indicating PFAS contamination at any level, they will be eligible.

About 3M Drinking Water Class Action Lawsuit Settlement 

A federal judge authorized 3M’s settlement of over $10 billion with providers of drinking water over the alleged use of “forever chemicals” to cause pollution.

The settlement resolves class-action lawsuits filed by public water suppliers over per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), which have been widely used in various products and don’t break down in the environment.

PFAS are linked to serious health issues and have contaminated water supplies across the country. The funds will help cover PFAS testing, remediation, and treatment technology. 3M plans to stop manufacturing PFAS by the end of 2025. Payments are set to begin later this year.

The 3M Drinking Water Settlement will provide funds to U.S. municipalities over 13 years to test for and treat PFAS contamination in public water systems. The money will go towards the costs of testing for and removing the toxic chemicals from drinking water, benefiting the affected communities. 

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