68J EPF Withdrawal – Eligibility & Permission Documents, How to claim?

THE EPFO has increased the advance withdrawal under Para 68 J of RPF Partial withdrawal. The news brought relief to many EPF members as it allowed them to withdraw ₹1,00,000 from their EPFO funds partially. The article covers everything about this new update and withdrawal process under EPF.

68J EPF Withdrawal

The EPFO allows its members to claim partial withdrawal from their EPF funds for many purposes including House/flat construction, loan repayment, medical treatment, Education, or marriage of children, special cases, etc. through Form 31. 

Each purpose for the partial claim is entitled to guidelines of Advances to be claimed through Form 31 in various paragraphs. Para 68J is one such para that allows members to claim advances from the fund for illness and medical treatment in certain cases. 

According to the recent update, the EPFO has updated the limit of claim settlements under 68J to ₹1,00,000. Previously, the members were limited to withdraw only ₹50,000 under 68J. 

The rule change has come into effect from 10 April 2024 under all EPFO application software with all necessary actions. 

The physically impaired individuals claim advances under Para 68-N for purchasing equipment to reduce the hardship of the handicapped person. 

Certain Cases under 68J EPF Withdrawal 

The members can claim the advances under 68J Para for his/her medical treatment and the treatment of the family. The Para 68J allows partial withdrawal before the authorized period for certain cases of illness.

Here are the specific medical conditions where you can seek partial withdrawal under EPF Para 68J rule of withdrawals:

  • Major Surgeries
  • Critical illness
  • Hospitalization lasting for more than a month
  • Medical treatments for – Leprosy, Cancer, Mental disorders, Heart ailments, or paralysis.

Eligibility & Permission Documents required under Para 68J Claim

The EPFO members are eligible to claim the 68J advances when they have ₹1 lakh balance in their EPF account. 

The members are allowed to take six months’ basic wage with Dearness allowance or Employee interest share whichever is least for funds for his medical treatment or family’s medical treatment. 

68J EPF Withdrawal

The partial withdrawal claims are subjected under Form 31 and the applicants need to present Certificate C signed by their employer and Doctor with Form 31 for Para 68J.

Other Para and the Purposes under Partial Withdrawal 

EPF rules for partial withdrawal allow advances for the following purposes under their para through Form 31:

Purpose of Advances Para 
Purchase of site/house/flat/ or for construction/ renovation in an existing house, Housing Loan 68B
Loan repayment 68BB
In case of lockout/closure of factories for more than 15 days and the employee has not received wages for more than 2 months 68H
Illness in certain cases 68J
Education and marriage of children 68K
Withdrawal within one before you retire 68NN
To purchase equipment for Handicapped members 68N
Abnormal conditions (Property damage due to natural disasters) 68L
Affected by a cut in electricity (max. 300/-) 68M
For investment in Varishtha Pension Bima Yojana 68NNN

Steps to claim the EPF Partial withdrawal:

Follow the below steps to claim the partial withdrawal online:

  • Go to the PF member portal at https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/
  • Next, Log in with your UAN or Member ID and password on the portal.
  • Now, check if your KYC is done and your Aadhar is linked with UAN. 
  • Also, check if your service eligibility information is updated or completed.
  • Next, go to online services on the EPFO portal and select Claim Option (Form 31, 19 &10C)
  • Next, fill out your bank account number in the given box and click on verify. 
  • Now, a certificate of Undertaking will pop up on your screen, click on “Yes” and move ahead.
  • Now, select PF Advance (Form 31) and select your purpose for the advances under Form 31.
  • Now, move forward to fill in the amount and your employee details. 
  • Next, when you click on the check box of declaration and get Aadhar OTP on your mobile number.
  • After the OTP verification, download the receipt of the Advance claim.

The recent change in the EPF 68J rule will bring immense relief to members during medical problems with this financial support. EPFO is continuously striving to make the EPFO services easy and feasible to the members in every prospect, recently they have introduced automatic transfer of EPFO accounts when subscribers change jobs. 

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