Existing and Potential MSME clusters in the State

District - Patna

Brass and Bronze Metal Utensils Industry Cluster, Pareb
CFL& LED Bulb, Patna city
Leather Footwear, Patna city
Readymade Garment Cluster, Patna city

District - Muzaffarpur

Lahathi (lac) Cluster, Muzaffarpur
Leather Shoes and Chappal Cluster, Muzaffarpur

District - Darbhanga

Makhana, Located in four district (Darbhanga is the key center)

District - Chappra

Leather Products Cluster Chappra

District - Gaya

Agarbati Manufacturing Cluster Gaya

District - Nalanda

Leather Shoes and Chappal Cluster Nalanda
SilawkaKhaja Cluster Nalanda

District - Madhepura

Sweet and NamkinKhaja Cluster, Madhepura
Bamboo Works Cluster, Madhepura

District - West Champaran

Brass & German Silver Utensils Cluster

District - East Champaran

Rice Milling Cluster
Small Machines and tools manufacturing Cluster

District - Lakhisarai

Rice Milling Cluster

District - Vaishali

Copper Bronze Alloy Utensil Cluster

Handloom and Khadi (Post processing) Clusters
Handicraft Clusters