Child Tax Benefit Payments Dates 2024 – Eligibility, Amount and How to apply?

The Child tax benefit payment dates 2024 is a government program introduced to support families of Canadians in covering the expenses connected with raising children.

Child Tax Benefit Payments Dates 2024

Some dates of child tax benefits in 2024 are –

Months Child Tax Benefits Payment Dates
January 19th Jan 2024
February 20th Feb 2024
March 20th March 2024
April 19th April 2024
May 17th May 2024
Jun 20th June 2024
July 19th July 2024
August 20th August 2024
September 20th September 2024
October 18th October 2024
November 20th November 2024
December 13th December 2024

This event is administered through the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) under the federal government of Canada. The beneficiary’s parents can apply online $7437 Canada child benefits 2024 with the official website

Child Tax Benefit Payments 2024 Eligibility

For getting child tax benefit payments both the child and aspirant are required to fulfill qualifying standards and this is mandatory.

  • This is essential that you, your spouse or your common law partner will be a Canadian citizen, a permanent or a temporary resident who has been within the nation for around the past 18 years.
  • You also live with a kid that is younger than age 18 years.
  • Taking care of and raising them must be your main duty.
  • You must be your kid’s main caregiver for at least half the year.
  • The major responsibility for the care and upbringing of a child lies with the beneficiary involving daily activities, meeting medical needs, and making arrangements for child care.

Child Tax Benefit Payments 2024 Apply

For availing and applying these payments applicants need to follow various steps which are given below. So read it carefully –

Child Tax Benefit Payments Dates

  • First parents are required to visit the official website of Canada Revenue Agency which is for Child Benefits Canada 2024.
  • Then parents need to navigate the option of “Benefits and Credits” on the homepage of the website for registration.
  • Next, they need to click on the “Child Information” tab and choose the” + Add” option to input your child’s particulars.

Beneficiaries’ parents must make sure that they follow all the important stages which involve verifying their contact information, marital status, nationality, and data regarding their child and also submitting some essential papers such as birth proof certificate by attaching the file in the required field and clicking the submit button.

In this final stage beneficiary’s parents should kindly review their application and proceed by submitting it.

How much will Child Tax Benefits Payment be paid in Feb 2024

The overall number of eligible students is used to determine the Canada Child Benefit.

The CCB payments were raised by around 6.3% in July 20236 to help Canadians manage their enhanced cost of living.

The announcement for the next CCB payment occurs yearly in July. Therefore this year, CCB for children under six is $7437. Furthermore, the yearly payment to youngsters from 6 to 17 years old has been raised to $6275.

This comes to a monthly total of $619.75 for children under the age of 6 and $522.91 for children between the ages of 6 and 17.

In case payment did not arrive on time, what to do

Wait five working days Permits 5 working days to your payment for arriving earlier than taking any type of action.

Bank and direct deposit structures now and again experience delays.

Check my Account

Log in to your My Account at the internet site of CRA to see if the payment seems to be “Sent” or “Pending”. This indicates trouble with your financial institution account.

Review Recent Modifications –

  • Have you updated your banking records, baby facts, or address recently?
  • These types of adjustments are responsible for delaying the payments.

This was executed in July 2016 as a replacement for the Universal Child Care Benefit. The beneficiary parents who are eligible with children under age of 18 will receive a tax-free monthly payment.

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