Colorado $800 Refund Status: Step-by-step Check

When taxpayers file the state tax return or claim the TABOR refund with the return they receive TABOR refunds. Taxpayers who have filed late tax returns wondering about their $800 Tabor refunds should read the article to know the status of Colorado’s $800 refund and other essential information. 

Colorado $800 Refund Status

The Department of Revenue of Colorado offers Colorado TABOR tax refunds of $800 for individuals and $1600 for joint filers taxpayers. The TABOR refunds the excess revenue back to the taxpayers, meaning when the revenue collected by the local and state government exceeds the TABOR limit, the state taxes department refunds the excess revenue to the eligible taxpayers. 

Eligible taxpayers include taxpayers over 18, living in Colorado for the tax year return, not liable to pay income tax, and no imprisonment in the tax year. The taxpayers who have filed the tax return for 2023 before the deadline (15 April 2024) must be expecting their Tabor refund. 

Your $800 Tabor refund payment depends on how you file your tax return. If you have filed your tax return electronically, you will receive the Tabor Refunds in two to three weeks. The paper check refund can take more days. 

However, eligible taxpayers who have yet to receive the Colorado $800 refund can check the Tabor refund status through the official website on the Where’s My Refund tool. 

How to track Colorado’s $800 refund status?

The taxpayers can check the Colorado $800 refund status online in the following steps:

  1. Go to the official website of the Colorado Department of Revenue at
  2. Navigate to the “Refund Resources” of the webpage at the left end.
  3. Next, click on “Where’s My Refund for Individuals” 
  4. Now, enter your Social Security Number (SSN)/ Individual Taxpayer Identification number, the amount of the refund you have claimed in your return, and the tax year.
  5. Now, click on the “Next” button and your Colorado Tabor refund status will be displayed on your screen. 

Remember, it takes 10 to more days for the Colorado Department of Revenue to review or process your refund, so you must wait at least 10 days after filing your tax return to track the refund status. 

Colorado $800 Refund Status

If you haven’t received the refund in 30 days, call the Colorado Department of Revenue at (303) 238-7378 or request to reissue the refund paper check. 

What to do if you miss the deadline to Claim the Colorado $800 Refund?

According to the Colorado Department of Revenue, they have proceeded with the 54% Tabor refund to the taxpayer’s accounts means half of the refund is still left to proceed. Remember, this data does not include late filers or taxpayers who filed the tax returns near the deadline. 

Now, taxpayers who have missed the deadline (15 April 2024) and haven’t claimed the Tabor refunds can still claim the Tabor refunds without paying any late fee. 

The taxpayers who are eligible for the 2024 Colorado $800 refund, but are not liable to pay taxes can claim the refund by filing a tax return through the automatic extension without paying any late fees.  

The automatic extension will grant you six months to file the tax return and claim the $800 refund. 

Eligible taxpayers can also file an amendment tax return if they have filed the tax return for this year but did not claim the Colorado $800 refund. 

How to claim the Colorado $800 refund when you miss the deadline?

Taxpayers can claim the Colorado $800 refund by filing for tax returns in the automatic extension. The Colorado Department of Revenue has made it easier to claim the Colorado $800 refund. 

The taxpayers can file the tax returns for Colorado tax refunds in the following manner:

  • You must file the Colorado Individual Income Tax return through Form DR 01040EZ for 2023 tax returns and claim the Tabor refund.
  • You can file the claim online or download the Form from the website of the Colorado Department of Revenue to mail it to the Department.
  • If you need any help regarding filing the form or filing the tax returns, you can on the following toll-free numbers:
  • (303) 333-3482 
  • 866-880-4777 (Spanish operator)

OR the elderly taxpayers can go to the VITA tax offices near their area to request help from a tax assistant. 

The Colorado Tabor refunds limit the state government to spend and retain the excess revenue and the required excess revenue is refundable to eligible taxpayers. So, if you are eligible for a Colorado Tabor refund and haven’t claimed it yet, claim it now.  

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