DWP July 2024 Payment Dates – Payout details for all benefits!

DWP July 2024 benefit and pension payment dates are not affected by the general election. The key benefit is consistency: the payment dates will remain unchanged. Claimants can rely on timely disbursements without disruptions, ensuring financial stability during that period. 

DWP July 2024 Payment Dates

Despite the upcoming general election, recipients of benefits and pensions can expect no alteration to their DWP July 2024 payment schedules. Benefits are typically paid directly into a claimant’s bank, building society, or credit union account.

If the normal payment date falls on a weekend or a bank holiday, the benefit will be paid on the working day before. Payment dates adjust for holidays and weekends but return to the regular schedule for future payments. Examples of benefit payments include which will be paid normally:

  • Carer’s Allowance (Every four weeks)
  • Income support (usually every two weeks)
  • Employment and support allowance (usually every two weeks)
  • Jobseeker’s allowance (usually every two weeks)
  • Maternity allowance (every two or four weeks)
  • Pension credit (usually every four weeks)
  • Child benefit (usually every four weeks or weekly for single parents)
  • Disability living allowance (usually every four weeks)
  • Personal independence payment (PIP, every four weeks)
  • Tax credits (every four weeks or weekly)
  • Universal credit (monthly)
  • Attendance allowance (usually every four weeks)

Will DWP pension payment dates remain the same in July 2024?

Yes, the DWP pension July payment dates in 2024 will remain the same. The basic state pension is usually paid every four weeks directly into the claimant’s chosen account. The pension payments are made depending on the claimant’s national insurance (NI) number:

  • NI ending in 00 to 19: Payment on a Monday
  • NI ending in 20 to 39: Payment on a Tuesday
  • NI ending in 40 to 59: Payment on a Wednesday
  • NI ending in 60 to 79: Payment on a Thursday
  • NI ending in 80 to 99: Payment on a Friday

When will DWP Carer’s allowance be paid in July 2024?

Carer’s Allowance in 2024–2025 is £81.90 per week or little more than £327.60 per month. You will also earn weekly National Insurance credits towards your pension if you are under pension age. 

To be eligible for this payment, you must provide care for someone for at least 35 hours each week. Because it is not means-tested, your amount of Carer’s Allowance is not determined by your income, savings, or National Insurance contributions.

When will DWP PIP be paid in July 2024?

The revised PIP rates, effective April 8, 2024, offer support ranging from £114.80 to £737.20 monthly. PIP will start to be applied whenever a claimant has at least one week remaining in their payment cycle after April 8 because it is based on weekly rates and is typically paid every four weeks.

The PIP allowance comprises separate components one for everyday tasks and another for mobility issues. Claimants can access support from either component individually or combine them. PIP will also be paid timely in July as per the last payments.

When will the DWP Disability living allowance be paid in July 2024?

In July 2024, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) will continue to pay Disability Living Allowance (DLA) as usual. DLA is typically paid every four weeks. The general election does not impact the payment dates.

DLA comprises two distinct parts: the care component and the mobility component. Meeting the eligibility criteria for either component is essential. Both components play a role in determining your entitlement.

The amount of DLA you receive depends on how your disability or health condition impacts your daily life. The amount you can get under the care component of DLA is between £28.70-£108.55 and under the mobility component, it is between £28.70-£75.75.

When will DWP Universal Credit be paid in July 2024?

In July 2024, DWP Universal Credit will be paid on a normal monthly schedule. Starting from April 2024, single claimants below the age of 25 will receive a monthly Universal Credit allowance of £311.68, an increase from the previous amount of £292.11.

In the same period, joint claimants under 25 years old will now receive £489.23 per month, compared to the previous rate of £458.51. Those aged 25 and above will receive a monthly Universal Credit payment of £393.45, while joint claimants in the same age group will receive £617.60 per month. 

When will the DWP Jobseeker’s allowance be paid in July 2024?

The Jobseeker’s Allowance is typically paid every two weeks. If you’re expecting a payment and it hasn’t arrived, check the date on your award notice and your bank account. In case of any issues, you can contact the appropriate helpline on the Government website.

The specific amount of Jobseeker’s Allowance depends on individual circumstances, such as age, income, and other factors. The Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) has a maximum amount, but the specific entitlement varies based on your age. 

To determine the exact JSA you qualify for and understand its impact on other benefits, consider using a benefits calculator. Here are the weekly JSA amounts based on age:

  • Up to 24 years old: Up to £71.70
  • 25 years or older: Up to £90.50

When will the DWP Attendance allowance be paid in July 2024?

In July 2024, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) will continue to pay the Attendance Allowance every four weeks, as usual. The payment schedule remains unaffected by the general election. 

The higher rate of Attendance Allowance for 2024/2025 has risen to £108.55 per week, while the lower rate is now £72.65 per week. Annually, you could receive £5,644.60 for the higher rate and £3,777.80 for the lower rate.

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