DWP PIP Payment 2024 – Rate, Eligibility, How to apply?

The Department for Work and Pensions has increased DWP PIP Payment 2024 by 6.7% to assist recipients cope with growing costs. The highest-level PIP recipient receives £737.20 per month under the new program. 

DWP PIP Payment 2024

DWP PIP Payment 2024 will rise by 6.7%, according to the government’s Department for Work and Pensions, to assist recipients in keeping up with the growing cost of living. Under the revised PIP plan, the maximum monthly payment for those eligible for the highest level of support is £737.20.

This is a huge increase of approximately £9,500 per year compared to the former payout rate. The payout is tax-free and does not rely on the recipient’s income or savings, which is the finest part. The increase in PIP payments will greatly benefit those in the greatest financial need.

DWP PIP Rates 2024

Depending on how much a person’s illness or handicap interferes with their capacity to move about and do daily duties, PIP consists of two components. PIP consists of two parts:

Daily Living Component

  • Standard: £72.65 a week (increasing from £68.10)
  • Enhanced: £108.55 a week (increasing from £101.75)

Mobility Component

  • Standard: £28.70 a week (increasing from £26.90)
  • Enhanced: £75.75 a week (increasing from £71)

Individuals may get these elements in any mix. Some people get PIP for their everyday necessities, others solely for their mobility issues, while yet others receive both components.

This indicates that the maximum payment at higher rates of all components is £737.20 per four weeks, whereas the lowest payment for ordinary daily living is £290.60. This maximum payment, which amounts to £9,583.60 annually, is given to 36% of the 3.5 million PIP recipients.

How To Apply For PIP?

Getting in touch with the DWP at 0800 917 2222 will allow you to start a new PIP claim. As long as you are there when the call is placed, you may have someone else call on your behalf.

You will then get a form to complete. You will get an invitation for an assessment (which may be conducted online or in person) once this form has been submitted. Any other information may also be requested by your social worker or health care provider.

Based on this evaluation, a score will be given to you based on how well you can do certain activities. Your eligibility and the amount of money you should get via PIP will be decided by this score. This score will be sent to you in a letter letting you know whether or not your claim was accepted.

Eligibility of PIP

Because PIP is not means-tested, your eligibility is unaffected by your income or savings. You must, however, fulfill certain requirements about how your illness or handicap impacts your day-to-day activities. 

You must be older than 16 but younger than the State Pension age to be eligible for Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

Personal care assistance is commonly required by people who need support with daily activities, including helping with meal preparation, personal hygiene, clothing, undressing, communication, and medication management.

The degree of the prize you earn is determined by the severity of your limits under two categories:

Daily Living:

  • Standard Rate: Needs assistance with some Daily Tasks.
  • Enhanced Rate: Requires help with most daily tasks or cannot perform them independently.


  • Standard Rate: Has difficulty moving around but can manage with some assistance.
  • Enhanced Rate: Is unable to walk outdoors without help or needs continual supervision due to Mobility Issues.

On top of that, you need to be dealing with a medical issue or disability that hinders your everyday mobility and/or quality of life. 

You should have been dealing with these issues for a minimum of three months and expect them to continue for a minimum of nine more months unless you have a terminal illness with a six-month life expectancy or fewer.

These are the main requirements for qualifying. Anyone 16 years of age or older who has a long-term health condition or disability and has a variety of challenges with daily life or mobility as a result of their condition is eligible for the PIP payment.

Yearly £5000 PIP Payment Changes

PIP beneficiaries who comply with the most recent DWP regulation are eligible for payments ranging from about £5,000 to £11,000. Financial relief may be obtained by handicapped people from the government via additional money they get for daily living assistance.

The DWP contacted several users by phone or mail to notify them that they owed backdated PIP payments, according to the most recent data released by the benefits and work portal. 

The PIP rates are expected to increase dramatically in 2024–2025. Before filing a claim, it is important to comprehend the prerequisites, the application process, and the variables that have influenced the rates. The administration has said in the open that it would increase pensions and retirement benefits by 6.7% this year.

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