FASTag Apply Online: Step-by-step Procedure, Benefits and Documents

The Fastag application is one kind of process that is made by the customers through various steps digitally or by visiting the Fastag office. With that process, they can buy Fastag and also be able to avail of various benefits regarding their vehicle.

FASTag Apply Online

The Fastag is an electronic payment system that permits you to pass through the plaza without stopping for a cash transaction.

After applying Fastag, the online tag is connected to a prepaid type account that employs an RFI meaning Radio Frequency Identification. This is fixed upon vehicle widescreen and then activated for the user.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highway announced on 1st Dec 2019 that all vehicles must make toll payments with Fastag only according to its National Electronic Toll Collection Programme.

A Fastag delivery normally takes 5 to 7 working days, based on the location. The Fastag brings efficiency and convenience to the collection procedure of toll. This promotes a smoother traffic flow, reduces waiting times and increases travel experience.

How to apply for FASTag?

The various steps that need to be considered by customers for getting or buying Fastag online mode are given below –

  • First you need to visit the official website
  • After that you go to the option “Request for NETC Fastag”.
  • Then after that you select your preferred bank like ICICI, HDFC, IDBI, AXIS, SBI and others.
  • After the selection of the bank click on the link which appears in the box of Bank URL.
  • Then you will be redirected to a page where you need to fill in mandatory details like name, mobile number, date of birth, and upload your ID proof.
  • After submission of your information, you will have to pay fees online depending on the vehicle you own.
  • Then post a payment in an online manner, after you are set to achieve the copy of receipt associated with the fastag and write down the reference number.  
  • After the bank verifies your details, it will deliver the Fastag to your address.

In case you are applying by ICICI bank you can also apply with SMS/iMobile app/ IntaBIZ app/ Pocket app/ Login to Internet Banking.

The online process is very easy and quick.

FASTag Apply Online

Documents Required to apply FASTag

The various documents required for applying Fastag online are –

  • Certificate of vehicle registration
  • Passport size photo of vehicle owner
  • KYC papers for Aadhaar proof and ID – you can submit your Passport, PAN card, and Driving License.
  • Our representative will facilitate you through an application form that you are required to submit and fill out.
  • All the needed documents regarding Fastag should be in the name of the owner of the vehicle. In case the owner of the car is not present during the time of application, the driver will be required to submit her/his photo ID proof.  

FASTag Benefits

The Fastag allows hassle-free and smooth passage through toll plazas without carrying cash or stopping for toll payments.

This saves time and effort for drivers, allowing for a seamless travel experience. Through dedicated Fastag lanes at toll plazas, vehicles equipped with Fastag can pass through quickly.

The system of electronic toll collection ensures faster transaction processing, decreasing congestion and waiting times at toll booths.

This facility promotes digital transactions by eliminating the requirement for cash payments at tolls.

With this user have the option to link their Fastag to prepaid wallet or bank accounts permitting for automatic reduction of toll charges without the hassle of handling cash.    

This is one of the major digital changes regarding payment that is made in India. By affixing fastag on vehicles, customers easily save their time for payment at maximum level.

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