Ghar Ghar Muft Ration Yojana – Key Benefits and Latest Information!

A new scheme “Ghar Ghar Muft ration Yojana,” was launched today by the Punjab government to provide monthly food assistance to all the needy in Punjab state. It’s the same Yojana that Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal wanted to launch in Delhi, but he couldn’t, and now it’s relaunched in Punjab after some amendments. 

Ghar Ghar Muft Ration Yojana

On 10 February 2024, Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann with Delhi Chief Minister and leader of Aam Aadmi Party, launched a Ghar ghar Muft Ration Yojana in Almoh, Punjab. 

Through this scheme, the government is aiming to provide food assistance to the beneficiaries and create new job opportunities for over 1500 young individuals. 

Both Punjab CM Bhawant Mann and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal went from door-to-door in the streets of Almoha to deliver the rations and spread awareness about the scheme to the people of Punjab. With this initiative, the scheme is officially started today. 

The government has begun the scheme in the Khanna district, where the largest grain market in Asia becomes the witness of this initiative of the Punjab government. 

Both the CMs of Punjab and Delhi gave green signals to the delivery vehicles carrying the rations. The delivery trucks are out with green flags showing a symbol of the “Ghar Ghar Ration” Scheme across the state. 

Key Benefits of the Ghar Ghar Muft Yojana Scheme

According to the Punjab Government, this scheme will directly benefit 38 lakh ration card holders. As the scheme is launched today with minimum information, we can gather the following key benefits that this scheme will provide to all the beneficiaries:

  • Doorstep delivery: Under the scheme, the Punjab Government will deliver food to 38 lakh households in Punjab. According to the government estimation, around 1 crore 46 lakh people will be benefited from this scheme. The ration will be delivered every month to all the beneficiaries. Now, there is no need to stand in the long queue of food distribution lines to get your monthly rations.
  • Keep the black Market in check: Another motive behind this scheme was to restrain the black marketing of grains in Punjab. Black marketing of grains is the illegal trade of grains provided for the ration system in India. According to the All India Ration Dealers Association, 35% of food grains supplied by the Centre go to the black market. 

This is a very big problem in India that the Punjab government is trying to control through this scheme. 

Beneficiaries will have the choice to choose wheat or grains instead of flour. 

Ghar Ghar Muft Ration Yojana

  • Creating new job opportunities for youth: Under this scheme, the food needs to be delivered to the beneficiary’s doorstep, leading to the need for delivery persons and other job opportunities. According to the state government, they are planning to provide employment opportunities to over 1500 young individuals through the Ghar Ghar Muft Ration scheme.

Phases of the Ghar Ghar Muft Yojana Scheme

The new scheme will launch in phases so that the execution of the scheme will be handled properly. 

In the first phase of the scheme, the government will deliver rations to over 24.49 lakh beneficiaries.

Though the eligibility criteria are not defined by the government yet as it’s recently launched we think the government will distribute food ration to the beneficiaries who are eligible for the ration in the traditional Public Distribution System or the zones they have decided.  

According to the scheme, in the second phase, the beneficiaries of the Atta-Dal scheme would be able to get the benefits of the scheme. 

Ghar Ghar Atta Scheme Behind This New Scheme

In 2022, the Punjab Government introduced a scheme of ghar ghar ration where they would deliver atta to the house of beneficiaries. The government of the state segmented the entire state into eight zones to execute the scheme. 

Under the scheme, all the beneficiaries who came under NFSA have the option to get the flour delivered to their home or they can collect the flour themselves. 

However,  the scheme was restricted by the high court when Bhatinda NFSA depot holders sent a plea to the high court. After that, the Punjab government didn’t launch the scheme and decided to revise the scheme and relaunched it.

And now they have launched the Ghar Ghar Muft Ration Yojana which has brought new hope for the people of Punjab. 

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