IRS Refund Tracker 2024 – Tax Refund Stages and What if delayed?

With the tax season beginning on 29 January 2024, many taxpayers who have filed for tax returns are now wondering about their refunds. Some may have already received the tax refunds if they have filed the taxes electronically. But people who are still waiting can track their refund through the IRS Refund Tracker tool. 

IRS Refund Tracker 2024

Generally, the IRS processes the tax refunds within 21 days or less after you file your tax returns online. But some reasons can delay your tax refund such as:

  • You have filed through a paper check.
  • Your tax returns have some error or the IRS needs more information.
  • You have not selected direct deposit as your refund method.
  • You have claimed the additional credits that may require extra time to review your application.

Remember, if you have claimed additional 

credits like EITC (Earned Income Tax Credits)/ ACTC (Additional Child Tax Credit), your refund might get delayed as it takes time to review these applications. 

However, the taxpayers who have applied early for the tax returns with EITC/ ACTC claims can now check their refund status as the mid-February period has passed, and the IRS will process their refunds.

The taxpayers who are waiting for their tax refunds and wondering what happened to their tax refund can now check their refund status on the IRS updated tool called “Where’s My Refund?” tool.

The Refund Tracker tool was updated by the IRS in 2024 to provide detailed information to taxpayers about their tax refund rather than the usual generic message it used to display earlier.

IRS Refund Tracker 2024

Now, the taxpayers will get clear information about their refund and at which stage their application is processed.

How does the IRS Refund Tracker work?

The IRS shows the refund status in three stages to let the taxpayer know about their refund stage of processing. These are the following stages in which you will get your refund status:

  • Return Received: When you filed for the tax returns and the IRS has received your return, and they are processing it, you will be at this stage.
  • Approval of Refund: When the IRS has approved your refund on your tax returns, the approval of refund status will be shown to you.
  • Dispatch of Refund or Refund Sent: When your tax refund is processed by the IRS and sent to your bank account or mailed to you at your address, the refund dispatch or sent status will be shown to you.

How to track your refund status through the IRS Refund Tracker?

The taxpayers can track their refund status through the IRS Refund tracker tool in the following steps:

  1. Go to the official website of the IRS.
  2. Go to the header of the homepage and find the Refunds section, and there you will see the “Where’s My Refund” option.
  3. Click on “Where’s My Refund,” and you will see a new page appear on your screen.
  4. Now, scroll down a little and find a “Check Your Refund” Blue button.
  5. Click on that and you will go to a new page, where you have to fill in the required information, such as your social security number, tax year, your filing status, and the refund amount you have filed in the tax returns. 
  6. After you enter all the required details, move to the submit button and submit all the details.

You will see your tax refund status appearing on your screen. Remember the IRS updates the refund details on the website once a day, which usually happens overnight, so checking once a day is enough to know the update on your tax refund.

What to do when your refund gets delayed more than you expected?

When your refund gets delayed more than you expected, the first thing you should do is check the status of your refund. You can contact the IRS agency offices near you or the toll-free number of the IRS when:

  • When your status is the same for more than  6 weeks.
  • Your mailed check is not received even after the week of refund sent by the IRS.

You can contact the IRS telephonic services for individual queries at 800-829-1040 between 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM from Monday to Friday.

The federal tax authority IRS is continuously working to make the tax process as seamless as possible. Taxpayers can easily track their refund and know when their refund will arrive to make informed decisions regarding their financial goals. 

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