ODSP Payment Dates 2024 – Monthly Payout Schedule!

The Ontario government offers financial support and health benefits to Ontario residents suffering from disabilities through the ODSP. The ODSP recipients will soon receive their July payment with a hike of 4.5%, the recipients can check the article to mark their payment dates, and other details of the benefit. 

ODSP Payment Dates 2024

The federal government provides many financial aids and benefits to the citizens to improve the standard of their lives. One such benefit is the ODSP, where the Ontario government extends support to individuals and their families through monthly payments that cover their living expenses.

The Ministry of Children, Community, and Social Services oversees the ODSP program. From July 2024, the ODSP recipient will receive a 4.5% hike in their payment due to rising inflation, so the recipients will receive a higher payment at the end of July.

The authority processes the ODSP monthly payment through cheques or direct deposit on the account of ODSP recipients on the last business day of each month. However, if the date falls on a weekend or holiday, the payment will be processed on the last business day before the payment date. 

The ODSP recipients can mark the following payment schedule of the upcoming ODSP payments of 2024 in their calendar to manage their financial expenses well:

Month  Payment Date 
June  28 June 2024
July  31 July 2024
August  30 August 2024
September 27 September 2024
October 31 October 2024
November 29 November 2024
December TBA

ODSP Payment Eligibility 2024

The Ontario residents who meet the following eligibility requirements can apply to receive the ODSP monthly payments:

Age Limit:

  • You must be at least 18 years old to receive the ODSP payments.
  • If you are under 18 years of age, you can apply for the ODSP program six months before your 18th birthday. 


  • You must be an Ontario resident to apply for ODSP.

Medical Condition:

  • You must meet the program’s disability-prescribed class or the member of your family should meet the disability class of the program. 
  • According to the program, recurring or continuous disability, physical or mental impairment that is expected to last for a year or more than a year and limits your ability to work, disrupts your social life and makes you dependent on other people classified as a disability.
  • Your medical condition should be verified or validated by the health care professional.

Financial Criteria:

  • The authorities have exempted and non-exempted some income assets under the ODSP program. The limit for the non-exempt income and assets to be eligible for the ODSP is:
  • $40,000 for an individual
  • $50,000 for legal partners, or couple

How much can you receive through ODSP Payment benefits?

The ODSP offers support to cover your living expenses, health needs, and employment support to eligible Ontario residents. So, the amount of the ODSP payments depends on the circumstances and specific situation of the recipients. 

According to the reports, the individual who meets the ODSP requirements can expect a maximum ODSP payment for basic needs and shelter of around $1368 a month. The ODSP recipients can expect a higher payment by the end of July 2024 thanks to the inflation-based increase of 4.5%. 

The ODSP recipients can also be entitled to additional benefits, such as:

  • Health benefits like transportation to medical appointments, drug coverage, etc. 
  • Support for family members 

Ontario residents can calculate their ODSP payments under the various benefits of ODSP from the payment calculator available on the official website.

Documents needed for the ODSP application 

Ontario residents can apply for the ODSP through the following documents and family information:

  • Social Insurance Numbers of all the family members
  • OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) Cards
  • Immigration papers (if any)
  • Tax returns details
  • Birth Certificates
  • Bank information 

How to apply for the ODSP Payment 2024?

The Ontario residents who find themselves eligible for the ODSP program can apply for the program through the following ways:

  • Online: You can apply for the ODSP online through the official website with the above credentials, fill out the application form, and schedule an appointment for an intake interview. 
  • By Call: You can call the Social Assistance Contact Centre to ask for assistance in the ODSP application at the following toll-free numbers and apply:
  • 1 888 999 1142
  • For TTY: 1 800 387 5559
  • Offline: You can visit the nearby local ODSP office and apply for the ODSP program with the above credentials. 

The authority will review your application, which can take a few months as the authority will assess your disability and financial status before approving your request. 

The Ontario residents who once received the ODSP payments and left the payment due to a change in circumstances or any reason but still meet the financial and medical eligibility of ODSP can apply for rapid reinstatement to receive financial support faster without going through the initial disability assessment. 

What happens after the ODSP application?

The authority will review your ODSP application and will notify you about additional documents verification or interview. The ODSP Unit will evaluate your disability package and let you know the decision on your application within 90 days through the letter. 

Ontario residents whose ODSP benefits get approved by the authority do not need to worry, your caseworker will contact you and notify you about your first ODSP payment. 

The ODSP applicants can check the status of their application online through the official website through their application number. 

The Ontario residents who receive the ODSP benefits, get ready to receive higher payments in July 2024. The eligible Ontario residents who still haven’t applied for the ODSP benefits should apply quickly to receive their monthly support from the Ontario government.

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