Rochdale By Election Date, Participating Candidates and Result!

On Thursday, February 29, 2024, a parliamentary by-election will take place in Rochdale to replace the seat left vacant by the death of former Labour MP Sir Tony Lloyd in January 2024.

Rochdale By-Election Date 

Thursday, February 29, 2024 is the scheduled day of the Rochdale by-election. In January 2024, the previous Labour MP Sir Tony Lloyd passed away, prompting the calling of the by-election. 

Eleven candidates are competing for the seat, one of them being Azhar Ali, who was first chosen as the Labour candidate until the party withdrew its backing due to claims of antisemitism.  

He is now regarded as independent. Paul Ellison is the Conservative candidate; he is a volunteer and local businessman. Iain Donaldson is the Liberal Democrat candidate; he was a Manchester councillor before. 

The Rochdale By Council website has more details on the by-election and the candidates if you are a resident of the Rochdale constituency and are able to cast votes. If you like, you may register to vote by mail and verify your polling place as well. Tuesday, February 11, 2024 was the last day to register to vote. 

Rochdale By Election Candidates 2024

Eleven candidates, from various political parties and independent platforms, will compete for the position. The following is a short summary of the candidates, parties, and principal policies:

Rochdale By-Election Date 

David Anthony Tully – Independent

A politician who is not connected to any political party or bureaucratic organisation is known as an independent, nonpartisan, or non-affiliated politician. There are several reasons why an independent candidate may run for office.

Mark Coleman – Independent: 

He is a climate activist and retired priest who was imprisoned for using nonviolent direct action. In addition to urging the government to take drastic measures to cut greenhouse gas emissions, he seeks to increase public awareness of the climate issue.

Azhar Ali- Labour Party: 

He was a government adviser before becoming the head of the Labour group on Lancashire County Council. In addition to investing in the town centre and offering free breakfast clubs in elementary schools, he has promised to reopen the maternity facility. 

Simon Danczuk – Reform UK: 

He is a former MP for Rochdale who sent a 17-year-old girl obscene communications, leading to his suspension from the Labour Party. He has criticised the Labour Party for being overly “woke” and has directed his attention toward regional concerns like preserving open areas, strengthening the town centre, and strengthening up on antisocial behaviour.

Iain Donaldson – Liberal Democrat: 

He is a former Manchester councillor who has advocated on behalf of causes like the NHS, the cost of living, and the dumping of sewage into Rochdale’s rivers and streams. Additionally, he has supported local democracy and greater autonomy for the area. 

Guy Otten – Green Party

The party’s platform combines left-wing economic principles, such as well-funded, locally managed public services, with ecology. It promotes proportional representation and a steady-state economy with capitalism under control. 

Paul Ellison – Conservative: 

He was chosen as the 2020 Rochdale Man of the Year and is a volunteer and local businessman. He has pledged to improve transportation, create more employment, and make Rochdale’s streets safer. In addition, he has endorsed the way the administration has handled the Brexit agreement and the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Ravin Rodent Subortna – Monster Raving Loony Party

He added that in order to direct traffic and reduce road rage, he would propose adding fairground carousels to the centre of every roundabout. Among his other initiatives are plans to incorporate hedgehog dwellings into every newly constructed housing to help end homelessness. 

George Galloway- Workers Party of Britain: 

He was a member of parliament for Bradford West and Glasgow Kelvin before becoming well-known for his frank opinions on social justice and international policy. He has advocated for a “green industrial revolution” and a “people’s Brexit” during his campaign. In addition, he has criticised the Labour Party for its position on Israel and shown support for the Palestinian cause.

Michael Howarth-Independent: 

He is a local activist and former teacher who has fought the airport’s development as well as the closing of the maternity unit. Additionally, he has demanded greater responsibility and transparency in municipal governance.

William Howarth – Independent

Billy Howarth, an independent candidate, is a community activist who was a founding member of Parents Against Grooming UK. He has lately advocated for improved housing for those suffering from mould and dampness.

Rochdale By Elections 2024 Result 

The Rochdale by-election is a fiercely contested and uncertain race, with many contenders seeking the position. Everybody is interested in the next Member of Parliament post, but you must wait for the results to determine who will win the Rochdale By Elections 2024. 

On February 29, 2024, the day of the election, the results of the Rochdale By Elections 2024 will be made public. It is anticipated that the date will vary as the vote computation will take some time. 

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