Smartphone Performance Settlement Canada – Eligibility and How to claim?

The British Columbia Supreme Court has approved the Smartphone Performance Settlement claim of up to $14.4 million from Apple to eligible claimants. If you are wondering who can claim the settlement from Apple, read the article below to learn all the details related to the Canadian iPhone Power Management Class Action.

Smartphone Performance Settlement Canada

The Canadian lawsuit against Apple Canada Inc. and Apple Inc. was filed in 2018. The lawsuit put the following allegations on Apple:

  • The performance mitigation features of the iOS operating system were not up to the mark for the software versions of iPhone 10.2.1, 10.3, 11, and 11.2.
  • The Performance throttling degraded the battery performance and led the smartphone to prematurely age and shut down unexpectedly.
  • The batteries of the iPhone models mentioned above were defective. 
  • The lawsuit claims that details related to the degradation and battery were intentionally concealed or misinterpreted by the company.

The lawsuits against Apple were filed in several provinces, such as Ontario, King’s Beach, British Columbia, etc., leading to the class action lawsuit.

Apple denied the allegations and agreed to settle the lawsuit with compensation between $11.1 million and $14.4 million. 

The final approval hearing of the Smartphone Performance Settlement Canada was scheduled for 21 Feb 2024, and the B.C. court judge has approved the settlement amount for the class members. 

The last date to opt out of the settlement had passed (10 January 2024). The members who have excluded themselves from the settlement will not receive any benefits from the class action settlement. 

The eligible class members would need to submit the claim through the claim form, which will be available in the upcoming days. 

Key Dates of the Smartphone Performance Settlement Canada:

Date  Smartphone Performance Settlement Canada Events
10 January 2024 Deadline to opt-out from the settlement
21 February 2024 Final Approval date
TBA Last date to apply for the claim 

Who qualifies for the Canada Smartphone Performance Class Action Settlement?

The eligibility criteria for becoming eligible for the Smartphone Performance class action settlement are as follows:

  • If you possess or purchased the Apple iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, or SE models with a software version iOS of 10.2.1 (for Apple iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus, 6s Plus, or SE), 11.2 (for Apple iPhone 7 or 7 Plus) downloaded on installed, before 21 Dec 2017.

The eligible class members of the above criteria will receive payment from Apple for the problem they faced due to these models of Apple iPhone.

Smartphone Performance Settlement Canada

How to submit the Claim for the Canada Smartphone Performance Class Action?

According to the settlement details, the notice of the settlement has been sent to more than 8 million class members. The last date and the final claim form will soon be updated and available by the claim administrator. 

For now, you must know the requirements of the claim submission for the class action lawsuit of the iPhone Performance. The information you will need to present to valid claim the settlement is as follows:

  • Your mailing address and personal details.
  • The serial number of your iPhone and model of the iPhone.
  • A declaration of the installation of the iOS software versions mentioned above before 21 Dec 2017 and experiencing the performance throttling after the installation. 

The information related to how to submit the claim will be provided on the official website of the smartphone performance class action settlement,

The eligible class members must keep an eye on the website to submit the claim for the Canadian iPhone class action settlement. 

How much the claimants can expect through the Smartphone Performance Class Action Settlement?

Apple has proposed a settlement amount between $11.1 million and $14.4 million for the class action lawsuit, and the court has approved the settlement.

The approved class members can expect a cash payment of around $17.50 and $150.

The payment amount will depend on the number of claimants, the fee of the claims counsel, administration expenses, and honorariums for the plaintiffs. 

The settlement money will apply to all the provinces where the lawsuit was filed except Quebec. The claim administrator will use the search feature to recognize valid claims and make sure the right claimants will receive the settlement amount.

For more information, you can contact the claim administrator of the iPhone Power Management Class Action through mail or email. 

The approved class members to receive the compensation settlement must submit a valid claim for each iPhone device mentioned above. In the next few months, the valid claimants who submit the approved claim will receive the cash payment accordingly. 

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