Berman TCPA Settlement Payout Date – settlement amount per person

You might be eligible for payments from a class action settlement if, between May 17, 2017, and April 17, 2018, you received calls that were placed using a prerecorded voice. Within ninety days, the qualified candidates will receive their payment.

Berman TCPA Settlement Payout Date

In the U.S. Court for the Northern District of California Daniel Berman et al., v. Freedom Financial Network, LLC et al., Case No. 4:18-cv-01060-YGR, an alleged settlement of the class action lawsuit filed toward Freedom Financial Network, LLC, Freedom Debt Relief, LLC, Fluent, Inc., and Lead Science, LLC (“Defendants”) has been attained (the “Settlement”). 

Records kept by the defendants suggest that you might have received a call from them promoting the production of Freedom Financial Network, LLC or Freedom Debt Relief, LLC. 

The call may have been pre recorded or fake. You may be eligible for benefits under the settlement as a member of the class. The Expected date of payout is within 90 days after the final approval of the settlement.

What is this lawsuit about?

One or more parties, referred to as Class Representatives, file a lawsuit on behalf of other parties with comparable claims in a class action. These individuals are all members of the same class.

The action was filed by the class representatives, who claimed that the defendants had violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), 47 U.S.C. § 227, et seq., by utilizing a prerecorded or fake voice when making calls to promote the products of Freedom Financial Network, LLC or Freedom Debt Relief, LLC. 

Plaintiffs further claimed that Defendants used phone numbers on the National Do-Not-Call List to make calls and send texts without the recipients’ prior consent. 

A class has been certified by the court only for settlement purposes. This class action is under the supervision of Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers of the U.S. District Court.

Berman TCPA Settlement Payout Date

Berman TCPA Settlement Amount Per-person

The total quantity of promptly received and valid Claim Forms submitted by Settlement Class Members and if you have both a recorded in advance call claim and a claim under the National Do-Not-Call Registry will determine your share of the Settlement. 

Class Participants with a dual National Do-Not-Call claim and a recorded beforehand call claim will get two (2) shares, while Class Members with a pre-recorded call claim will receive one (1) share. 

All Settlement Class Members who submit a valid Claim Form will receive a portion of the $9,750,000 that the defendants in the lawsuit are willing to pay, after deducting any charges, costs, performance prizes, and settlement administration expenses.

Class Counsel has estimated that you will earn between $60 and $170, but this is just a rough estimate. The total amount that you will get may differ significantly from the estimate in both directions. 

The overall number of timely and legitimate claims filed, as well as the overall number of plaintiffs with National Do-Not-Call claims, will be used to determine the actual payouts.

Who will get the Berman TCPA Settlement payment?

If, between May 17, 2017, and April 17, 2018, you got a call promoting the services of Freedom Financial Network, LLC and Freedom Debt Relief, LLC, and the call was made using a computer-generated or previously recorded voice, you are considered to be a member of the “Settlement Class.”

Defendants submitted a list of phone numbers, including the numbers of Settlement Class Members. Kindly type each phone one by one at a moment if you have more than one. You can only make one claim, even if both of your numbers show ‘Yes’ under eligibility.

You can check to see if this list contains your number. Here is the step-by-step procedure to check eligibility provided.

  • Navigate to the website.
  • A block is showing on the screen.
  • Enter your telephone number in the telephone number section.
  • Hit the submit button.

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