Singapore $300 voucher June 2024 – Eligibility and How to claim it online?

The Singapore government continues to financially support Singapore citizens in covering their daily living expenses through the 2024 CDC Vouchers scheme. Under the CDC Voucher scheme, the beneficiaries will receive the $300 voucher in June 2024.

Singapore $300 voucher June 2024

Earlier this year, Singaporean Finance Minister Lawrence Wong announced an additional S$1.9 billion for an Assurance Package (AP) under the Community Development Council (CDC) vouchers scheme.  

Eligible Singaporean residents will receive an additional S$600 voucher from the CDC, the vouchers will be distributed to all Singaporean households in two equal portions. The first part of the S$300 voucher will be disbursed by the end of June 2024 and the next part will be disbursed in January 2025.

Centrelink’s one-off payment

According to the guidelines, each equal tranche will be divided further for households to spend the voucher at supermarkets and participating merchants & hawkers. The government claims the CDC vouchers will benefit more than 1.4 million Singaporean households.

Lawrence Wong also clarifies that the households will also receive a one-time special payment between S$200 and S$400 to support the cost of living and increase the purchasing power of the households in September. 

Scheme  CDC Voucher Scheme 2024
Granted by  Community Development Council 
Additional Assurance Package  S$600 voucher 
First Part  S$300 Voucher 
Releases on  End of June 2024
Official Website

Eligibility for Singapore $300 voucher June 2024

Singaporean households can check their eligibility to claim the CDC vouchers from the below eligibility criteria:

  • The CDC will distribute the additional S$300 CDC vouchers to all Singaporean households having one Singapore Citizen. 
  • Only one person from each Singaporean household can apply for the CDC voucher scheme.

When will the $300 CDC voucher expire?

The Singapore government has put a limit on the vouchers for households to use them timely. 

All the CDC vouchers issued by the council in 2024 will be valid till 31 December 2024. So, all the households must redeem the vouchers at participating hawkers or merchants and supermarkets before they expire. 

Under the CDC voucher Scheme, the CDC has already disbursed S$500 worth of CDC vouchers to all Singaporean households in January 2024.

Singapore $300 voucher June 2024 

Now, with the additional S$600 worth of CDC vouchers, the households would receive a total of S$1100 worth of CDC vouchers in a year. 

In total, you will receive S$800 CBC vouchers in 2024 which you should use by 31 December 2024. 

How to claim a Singapore $300 voucher June 2024?

According to the CDC guidelines, households don’t need to apply for the CDC vouchers, they can claim the vouchers easily online.

Only one member of the Singaporean household can claim the CDC vouchers digitally at the official website mentioned above. The beneficiaries can claim the S$300 voucher in the following steps:

  • Go to the official website mentioned above and tap on the CDC S$300 vouchers.
  • Next, to claim the voucher you must log in with Singpass.
  • Once you log in successfully, you will receive your CDC voucher link by SMS on your registered mobile number.
  • Now, you can use this link to redeem the CDC voucher for your daily household expenses at affiliated supermarkets and merchant stores. 
  • You can also share SMS with other household members to purchase the items.

How to spend the CDC Vouchers? 

The CDC vouchers would be distributed equally, one for supermarkets and one to be used at participating merchants and hawkers. People can easily use these vouchers to spend on their daily expenses as they come in small amounts like S$2, S$5, and so on, to make it easy for the citizens to use them efficiently.

You can spend the vouchers in the following way to buy items:

  • First, select which voucher you wish to use for shopping.
  • Next, select the amount to spend on the voucher, like S$2, or S$10 as per your need. 
  • Now, the QR code will appear on your screen, you need to show the QR code to the shop staff. 
  • The merchant or shop staff will scan the QR code for the payment.

The Singaporean government has taken a great initiative to help households in dealing with the economic crisis. It’s a big relief for Singaporean households with more benefits like tax rebates, cost-of-living special payments to eligible households, and many others. 

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