Philips CPAP Settlement Payout – Eligibility, How to claim? Per Person Payout 

Philips Respironics has proposed a settlement amount of  $479 million to compensate eligible users and payers to settle the class action lawsuit against them. Eligible users and payers can read the article to know the claim process, eligibility, and other necessary details of the Philips CPAP class action settlement.  

Philips CPAP Settlement Payout

Philip Respironics first recalled the Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) devices, ventilators, BiPAP, and other devices sold or distributed in the US on 14 June 2021 due to the noise-reducing foam used in the recalled devices. 

According to the claims, the recalled devices can harm the users and create health problems. Many plaintiffs have filed complaints against the defendant regarding the health issues and injuries caused due to the recalled devices. 

Now, under the class action lawsuit, the company has agreed to a $445 million settlement for recalled devices to resolve economic loss claims, not injury claims. The defendant also agreed to a $34 million settlement for health insurers and another third party who have compensated the users for recalled device replacements. 

The court approved the settlement amount in the final hearing of the Philips CPAP class action settlement.  The class action members can submit the claim form to receive the settlement payment before the claim deadline of 9 August 2024.  

Eligibility for Philips CPAP Settlement Payment

The US citizen can check if they qualify to claim the Philips CPAP class action settlement payout from the following eligibility requirements:

Philips CPAP Settlement Payout

  • If you are a user who has purchased, rented, leased, or paid for the above-recalled devices of Philips Respironics distributed in the US from 2008 to 2021, such as individuals, sleep clinics, healthcare centers, etc.
  • If you are a payer who has compensated for recalled devices sold, leased, rented, or distributed in the US from 2008 to 2021, such as health insurers, self-funded employers, etc. 

According to the notice, the claimants would receive cash rewards for device return awards, device payment awards, and device replacement awards from the $445 million settlement fund. The Payers claimants are not entitled to the above rewards. 

How do I claim the Philips CPAP class action settlement amount?

The eligible claimants have already received the notice via mail or email with a claim ID or confirmation code which you can use to claim the settlement rewards by filling out different forms on the website of the Philips CPAP Settlement at Respironics

You can claim the cash rewards decided in the class action lawsuit settlement against Philips Respironics in the following ways:

  • The User claimants can return the recalled device to Philips Respironics before 9 August 2024 to claim the settlement payout. To return the recalled devices you have to submit the Accelerated Implementation Option Form to receive the Device Return Award and Device Payment Award.
  • The Payers claimants must submit the claim form ending with the notice or you can claim online with a declaration and other required information & documents to the Settlement administer.
  •  The eligible users and payers can mail the claim form with supporting information and documentation to the Settlement Administrator’s office at
  • Respironics CPAP Settlement
  • C/ O Settlement Administrator, 
  • 1650 Arch Street
  • Suite 2210, 
  • Philadelphia’
  •  PA 19103

Per-person Amount you may receive in the CPAP settlement payout

The Device Payment awards can vary depending on the price of the recalled device you purchased. The user can maximize their payment by returning the recalled devices to Respironics before the claim deadline.

The User claimants who returned their registered or enrolled recalled devices can receive a maximum Device Return award of $100 with Device Payment rewards for each recalled device. 

The users who have purchased the replaced devices between 14 June 2021 to 7 September 2023 can claim the Device Replacement Awards. The amount of the wards depends on the replaced device cost and or your spending on the replacement of recalled devices.  

The Payers claimants qualify for the $34 million settlement funds and their settlement payout will depend on each eligible payer’s relative market share in the United States in the calendar year 2021 and 2022. The Payer’s amount will be calculated based on the information on the declaration and claim form submitted by the claimants. 

Payout Date for the Respironics CPAP settlement

The claimants can expect the Respironics CPAP settlement payout next year in early 2025 as it would take time to review and verify the claims of eligible users and payers. 

The claimants would choose their payment methods when they submit the claims, to receive the payment early make sure you choose the electronic method to receive your payouts. 

The Philips CPAP settlement is finally approved. The eligible US citizens impacted by the Philips Respironics recalled devices must submit their claim online or via paper check before the deadline. 

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