U Save Rebate 2024: Amount, Eligibility, Schedule, and Status 

U Save Rebate 2024 will be given to HDB residents in Singapore to assist them in managing their rising utility costs. For the 2024 fiscal year, qualifying families will earn up to $950, which is 2.5 times the amount of ordinary U-Save refunds.

U Save Rebate 2024

The Enhanced AP U-Save refunds will be sent out to families in the regular quarters beginning in January 2024 and ending in December 2025. Compared to last year’s AP U-Save refunds, the rebate amount has risen by $20 this time around, providing eligible families with even more help.

For qualified families in Singapore, the U-Save Rebate 2024 is a useful support program that provides cash assistance for utility bills. For those in need, the U-Save Rebate 2024 will be easy to get and simple since eligible families will receive it directly via their utility accounts, which SP Services maintain.

U-Save Rebate Amount 2024

Two variables affect the U-Save Rebate 2024 amount:

HDB Flat Type: 

Canada Carbon Rebate

Alberta Carbon Tax Rebate

Irish Tax Rebates

The kind of HDB apartment you inhabit determines how much you will get in the U-Save Rebate 2024. The refund amounts for the various kinds of flats are broken down as follows:

  • 1- and 2-room flats: Up to $950
  • 3-room flats: Up to $850
  • 4-room flats: Up to $750
  • 5-room flats: Up to $650
  • Executive/Multi-generation flats: Up to $550

The U-Save Rebate 2024 is divided into two sections:

  • Regular GSTV-U-Save: Based on the aforementioned sums for each kind of HDB apartment, this refund is paid out every three months in January, April, July, and October.
  • Additional Assurance Package (AP) U-Save: This refund is paid out in two installments (in January and July) and is twice the standard amount.

For example, the AP U-Save refund for a four-room apartment would be $1,500 and would be paid out in two equal installments, one in July and the other in January, if the standard GSTV-U-Save rebate for the same apartment is $750.

U Save Rebate 2024

The Assurance Package, which attempts to provide qualifying families with financial aid to help them deal with the problems of rising living expenses, includes this extra support. Based on the kind of apartment you have, the total amount received is broken out as follows:

  • 1 & 2-room flat: $440 – $455
  • 3-room flat: $380 – $395
  • 4-room flat: $315 – $330
  • 5-room flat: $250 – $265
  • Executive/Multi-generation flat: $185 – $200

Throughout the year, the U-Save Rebate 2024 is paid out in four quarters: normally, in April, July, October, and January. Depending on the payment schedule and the particular quarter you get the refund, the precise amount you receive each quarter may change.

U-Save Rebate Schedule 2024

The normal GSTV-U-Save as well as the supplementary Assurance Package (AP) U-Save are both included in the 2024 U-Save Rebate schedule. The dates and amounts of each part’s disbursement are listed below:

Regular GSTV-U-Save:

  • Disbursement Dates: January, April, July, October 2024
  • Amounts: Vary based on HDB flat type (ranging from $65 to $130 per quarter)

Additional Assurance Package (AP) U-Save:

  • Disbursement Dates: July 2024, January 2025
  • Amounts: Double the regular GSTV-U-Save Amount For your Flat Type
  • Status: The first tranche was disbursed in July 2024.
  • Remaining: The second tranche will be disbursed in January 2025
HDB Flat Type Regular GSTV-U-Save (Jan, Apr, Oct 2024) Additional AP U-Save (July 2024) Regular GSTV-U-Save (Jan 2025) Total U-Save Rebate 2024
1 & 2-room $195 $390 $65 $650
3-room $165 $330 $55 $550
4-room $135 $270 $45 $450
5-room $105 $210 $35 $350
Executive/Multi-Generation $75 $150 $25 $250

When adding the two, the final U-Save Rebate amount you will get in 2024 will depend on the kind of apartment you have and the time you are reading this.

  • Before July 2024: The first three-quarters of the standard GSTV-U-Save have been provided to you.
  • After July 2024: You have been granted the first installment of both the ordinary GSTV-U-Save and the AP U-Save.

U Save Rebate 2024 Eligibility

You must satisfy certain requirements and reside in an HDB apartment to be eligible for the U-Save Rebate 2024. This guarantees that the funding reaches the people who need it most, improving the lives of Singaporeans.

Residence and Ownership:

  • If you are the owner and occupant of the HDB apartment, or if you rent out a portion of it, you must have the presence of at least one Singaporean citizen.
  • If the whole HDB apartment is rented out, at least one renter who is a Singaporean citizen has to be living there.

Limitation on Property Ownership: 

  • If you are an owner or essential occupier who lives in or rents out part of the apartment, you are not permitted to possess an ownership interest in more than one property.
  • If the whole apartment is rented out, all renters.

How to Check the status of your U Save Rebate 2024?

It’s crucial to ensure you get the right amount of U-Save Rebate. The following easily navigable choices will assist you in tracking and validating your rebate:

  • Automatic Disbursement: The U-Save Rebate is automatically paid out by your HDB records and eligibility. You are not required to register or apply, nor are you required to keep an eye on its progress.
  • Fixed Schedule:  While the AP U-Save is paid out in two installments (in July and January), the normal GSTV-U-Save is distributed quarterly (in January, April, July, and October).
  • Direct Crediting: Your bank account or the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) MediSave account that is connected to your HDB apartment will receive the refunds directly.

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