Student Assistance Payment WA – Eligibility and Claiming Procedure!

The West Australian government has unveiled the Student Assistance Payment Program to support parents and carers with the expenses of sending their children to school amid the cost of living crisis. People looking for the details of this Student Assistance Payment Program can read the article to learn everything about the program.

Student Assistance Payment WA

The WA government has initiated a Student Assistance Payment Program to cater to the needs of families struggling to pay their children’s school expenses with the rise in the cost of living. 

The government will provide financial support to parents and carers whose children are studying Western Australian school students studying in Kindergarten to year 12.

Centrelink’s one-off payment

The application portal to claim financial assistance under the WA Student Assistance Payment Program is open to apply from 15 April 2024 to 28 June 2024. 

Eligible parents and carers can apply for the Program to receive the following payments:

  • $250 per secondary student.
  • $150 for students attending kindergarten or primary WA school.

The payment will help the parents and carers cover the basic and extra school expenses such as stationery, uniforms, IT equipment, books, camps, and excursions. 

Program  Student Assistance Payment Program (WASAP)
Managed by  Department of Education, WA
Application Open  15 April 2024
Application closes  28 June 2024
Financial assistance $250 per secondary student

$150 for kindergarten or primary school students

Official website

Eligibility to claim WA Student Assistance Payment Program

According to the government, the parents and carers qualify to receive financial assistance when their children meet the following eligibility criteria of the Student Assistance Payment Program:

Student Assistance Payment WA

  • Students who are attending WA public schools, schools registered for homeschooling, and WA Non-government schools studying from Kindergarten to senior secondary class.
  • Students who possess a valid WA student number (WASN), which is found on school reports or Secondary School student’s SmartRider, and last NAPLAN results.
  • Children who are admitted through the School of Isolated and Distance Education, studying to achieve Western Australian Certificate of Education. 
  • International students who are paying the full fee to the WA schools qualify to claim the WASAP.  

What did you need to claim the WA Student Assistance Payment Program?

The eligible parents and carers can apply for the WASAP, but they will need the following documents and information  in hand to claim the financial assistance:

  • 8-digit WASN or SCSA or student number 
  • School Name
  • DOB
  • Time of Enrollment in the school
  • The year level of each student you are claiming the WASAP.
  • Bank account details or account on Services WA App.

Steps to apply for the WA Student Assistance Payment Program

The WA government advised the people to claim the WASAP through the ServiceWA mobile application. You can make an account on the application and easily connect with State government services. 

You can set up your ServiceWAID through the ServiceWA app in the following steps:

  • First, download the ServiceWA app from the Google Play Store on your smartphone.
  • Next, use your myGovID digital identity to log in to the ServiceWA app.
  • Next, navigate to State Government benefits and select the new WASAP benefits.
  • Click on the WASAP benefits on the app and submit your claim by entering the necessary details. 
  • Your claim will be reviewed by the assigned authority and after approval, it will be processed within seven days. 

However, if you fail to apply through the ServiceWA app, you can choose alternate methods to claim WASAP financial assistance. 

Alternate Methods to Claim WA Student Assistance Payment Program

The eligible parents and carers can claim the WASAP benefits by submitting an online claim form of WASAP or by mailing the claim form to the authority. 

Follow the steps to submit a claim online through the WASAP online form:

  • Go to the Alternative Methods link at
  • Next, navigate to the online form section and click on Submit a claim.
  • Now, fill out the asked claimant details on the page, such as name, address, bank account number, etc.
  • Next, move to identification documents of the application process and fill in the necessary details. 
  • Now, enter the student details you wish to claim the financial assistance through WASAP. 
  • After that, review your application details and submit the claim. 
  • The authority will review your claim and notify you of your approval of WASAP. 

The WA government has initiated the program to provide huge relief to parents, carers, and students to manage their school expenses and complete their education without any financial burdens. 

So, make sure you submit your claim for the WA Student Assistance Payment Program before 28 June 2024.  

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