USAA Pay Dates 2024 – Check the complete Schedule here!

The United States has facilitated many benefits for retired and active military personnel. The payday for Military personnel falls on the 1st and 15th of every month but sometimes their payments get delayed due to holidays or weekends.

USAA Pay Dates 2024

The United Services Automobile Association is a highly-rated financial services company that provides banking and insurance services. It is available for military personnel. 

The service members who have a USAA account get their pay in their account two days before their actual payday. So, they can manage their financial goals easily without any issue of delay in paycheck due to holidays and weekends.

The USAA members generally receive their pay through the direct deposit system, so mostly they get their payment two days earlier. To make it easy for you, we have created the list of USAA Pay dates for 2024:

Month  USAA Pay Dates 2024 Actual Payday
January 10 Jan and Jan30 12  Jan
February 13 Feb and  28 Feb  1 Feb and 15 Feb
March  13 March and 28 March 1 Mar and 15 Mar
April 11 Apr and 29 Apr 1 Apr and 15 Apr
May 13 May and 29 May 1 May, 15 May, and 31 May
June 12 June and 27 June 14 June
July 11 July and 30 July 1 July and 15 July
August 13 Aug and 28 Aug 1 Aug, 15 Aug, and 30 Aug
September 11 Sept and 27 Sept 13 Sept
October 10 Oct and 30 Oct 1 Oct and 15 Oct
November 13 Nov and 26 Nov 1 Nov, 15 Nov, and 29 Nov
December 11 Dec and 27 Dec 13 Dec and 31 Dec

USAA Pay Dates 2024

Retiree Pay Dates 2024

Month  USAA Payday Actual Payday
January Jan 30  1 Feb
February Feb 28 1 Mar
March Mar 28 1 Apr
April Apr 29 1 May
May May 29 31 May
June Jun27 1 July
July Jul 30 1 Aug
August Aug 28 30 Aug
September Sep 27 1 Oct
October Oct 30 1 Nov
November Nov 26 29 Nov
December Dec 27 31 Dec

USAA Pay Dates for VA Disability

The USAA follows the schedule of the VA disability benefits and the VA disability pay date remains the same as set by the Department of Veterans Affairs for VA Disability pays.

The Pay dates for the VA disability is as follows:

Month  VA Pay Date
January 1 Feb
February 1 Mar
March 1 Apr
April 1 May
May 31 May
June 1 July
July 1 Aug
August 30 Aug
September 1 Oct
October 1 Nov
November 29 Nov 
December 31 Dec

Longer Pay periods of USAA 2024

The Long pay periods come throughout the year, about which servicemembers and their families should be prepared especially if they are planning a vacation or any event to meet their financial goals.

The Longer period pay of 2024 are:

  • 10 Jan to 30 Jan: A 20-day gap before you receive your next pay.
  • 11 Apr to 29 April: An 18-day gap before you receive your next pay.
  • 11 July to 30 July: A 19-day gap before you receive your next pay.
  • 10 Oct to 20 Oct:  A 20-day gap before you receive your next pay.

Learning about these gaps can help you plan and manage your expenses till you receive your next pay in your account.

These longer pay generally fall around summer vacation, spring break, and Halloween, so if you have planned something big with your family make sure you have managed and gone through your budget to be prepared for the late payment.

You can save your shorter days’ payment duration for these longer days and the vacations or trips you have planned. 

  • Those who face any delay in their payment can contact USAA care service support to inquire about the status of their deposit and seek assistance in resolving the issue.
  • Customers will get notifications and alerts about the account activity from USAA.
  • The USAA members can access their accounts online and through the mobile application and get insights about their pending transactions.

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