Facebook Settlement Payout Date – When will claimants get an average of $30?

Facebook $725 million privacy settlement was approved by the authorities on Oct 23. And if you are one of the claimers, then you can expect your settlement payments any time soon. Let’s explore the payout dates and amount for you.

Facebook Settlement Payout Date

Facebook faced numerous lawsuits where many users claimed that Facebook has shared or allowed third-party apps to access their data and the data about their friends without the permission of the users.  

After the approval by the federal judge of California, Facebook is due to provide the settlement payment to people who have submitted a valid claim. 

Millions of claimants from the US claimed the Facebook privacy settlement. According to the reports, the Facebook data privacy settlement will be provided to the valid claimers, the claims will be verified and reviewed by the settlement authority and then it will proceed to the account of the claimers.

Minnesota Rebate checks

Previously, the settlement was due to be made within 30 days of the October 10 decision, but Facebook didn’t proceed with the settlement.

After that, Judge Chhbria said the funds would be distributed in 90 days, making the payment anticipated in early January 2024.

Still, the claimants haven’t received the payment, so we can expect it in February or March 2024.

Who can get the Facebook settlement payment?

In the lawsuit of Facebook Vs Consumer Privacy User Profile Litigation, the authority has determined the settlement class as:

The United States Facebook users from May 24, 2007, and Dec 22, 2022, will be eligible for settlement payments from Facebook if their claims come out valid.

Facebook Settlement Payout Date

The deadline to claim the Facebook privacy compensation was August 2023. So, you can’t claim your settlement money now.

Remember, if the settlement class member who has done nothing has released their right to claim, sue Facebook, or fight any lawsuit against Facebook, and are not eligible for the settlement money. 


There are some exclusions for the settlement class, let’s what it is:

  • Eligible users to choose to stay out of the settlement class.
  • People who were involved in the case, from directors to legal representatives 
  • People who are involved in settlement mediation, be it the staff of the mediator court, or judge, will be excluded from the settlement class.
  • Class Counsel for Plaintiffs and their staff.

What is the Facebook settlement amount?

Meta has established a settlement fund of $725 million to pay all the valid claimers. The amount of the payment will depend on how many claims are submitted, and how long the claimer has been a user of Facebook during the eligibility period and come out valid. 

In the settlement fund, you will receive administrative costs subtracted from the settlement funds which will be called Net Settlement Funds.

This net Settlement Fund will be the final amount that the valid claimer will receive.

Net Settlement Fund = Settlement Fund – AdministrativeCosts.

The claimers who have been active Facebook users during the class period will receive one point for each month. According to reports, the claimants can expect $30 for each person. 

The users will receive the payments in the form they have chosen in the claim applications. As a claimant, you can receive the compensation through Zelle, prepaid Mastercard, PayPal, or a physical check.

How to check your Facebook Settlement status?

In 2023, the settlement administration received more than 17 million claims for Facebook privacy settlement. 

People can check their claim status on the online portal issued by the Settlement Administrator and know if they are eligible for the Facebook privacy settlement.

If you need more information or want to inquire about the settlements, you can also call the toll-free number: 1-855-556-2233 or mail at the Facebook USer privacy settlement.com email address.

Facebook Privacy Settlement funds are yet to be released and the claimants can expect their payments in February 2024 or at the end of March 2024. If you are one of the claimants, stay updated anytime you can receive your settlement payment. 

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  1. John William Nguyen

    They told on news that each person facebook user will have compensation $30.00 . I am not Welcome for this ..! I hope they are not..

  2. Georgia "Kay" Owen

    It is the end of March, and I have not recieved a settlement check. Please advise what I should do. Thank you.

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