WA Seniors Security Rebate – Eligibility Criteria and Application Process!

The Wa seniors security rebate is already introduced by the government of Western Australia from 22nd August 2021. The main aim of launching this kind of program is to provide financial support to senior citizens which leads to improving their lifestyle and home security system. 

WA Seniors Security Rebate 

WA seniors security rebate supports Australian members to claim up to $400 per household towards the purchase of eligible home security and safety items. 

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Some of the items that come under the category of senior security rebate are home alarms and CCTV systems, security screen doors, deadlocks, security window screens or window shutters, residual current devices, security sensor lights etc. 

By receiving senior security rebates and buying various types of security items, senior citizens are able to live their life risk-free for a long time. 

How to apply for WA Senior Security Rebate?

For applying for the senior security rebate aspirants are required to follow various steps which are given below – 

  • First you need to go to the official website www.seniors card.wa.gov.in
  • After visiting this website the homepage will be open and here various options are given like home, membership, discounts, activities, news etc. 
  • On those options, you need to click membership and on that option you are required to select “forms”. 
  • After selecting forms, all kinds of forms are displayed on your screen in the form of a list. 
  • Here you need to choose the “Safety and Security Rebate” Application form. 
  • After selecting this form a new page will appear in front of you and here again, you need to select the “senior security rebate”. 
  • After this page of eligibility criteria and terms and conditions are open in your front and here in last you are required to tick the sentence “I accept all terms and conditions” 
  • Then in the next page, some questions appear and here you provide answers to all those. 
  • Next some important and personal details will be asked from you which are mandatory to fill like Australian business name and number, security installer’s license number, and others. 
  • Then next you need to select those security items that you want to purchase and choose the next button. 
  • After that, the applicant will provide bank account details in another page and select next. 
  • Finally, you come to the declaration page and here tick the given sentence which is “I accept terms and conditions and declare that the information provided is true and correct”.
  • Final process is to upload your tax receipts for the proof of purchase and press the submit button. 
  • Your application form was finally submitted. 

Eligibility Criteria for WA Seniors Security Rebate

The eligibility criteria for the WA Seniors Security Rebate are as follows:

WA Seniors Security Rebate 

  • If you were born before 1st July 1959 then you are eligible to apply for a senior security rebate. Therefore in short your age must be 65 years or above. 
  • Applicants must be an Australian citizen or hold an Australian permanent Resident Visa. 
  • Must ensure that you reside in Western Australia or spend more than half the year within the state. 
  • In case you are not residing in Western Australia then you are not permitted for this rebate. 

WA Senior Security Rebate Discount 

The rebate for seniors was already introduced on 22nd August 2021 by the government in the form of a card. According to this, in every purchase of an item seniors will get an effective discount. 

With the help of the discount, seniors are able to buy quality-based security equipment. The benefit of discounts is that they are able to purchase more than one product on every purchase. 

The will lead to enhancing the goodwill and popularity of western Australian government at a higher rate among the public. 

In conclusion this type of rebate is very much helpful to those citizens who are very old and are living house alone. With enhanced security, they can live their life without any fear and full enjoyment. In today’s time security is a very important aspect to all kinds of people regarding safety. 

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