Canada Carbon Rebate 2024, Province-wise Amount, Payment Date and Eligibility!

In provinces that request it or do not have their carbon pricing system which is responsible for meeting the federal benchmark, a federal fuel charge is added in place. At present, the fuel charge is applied within the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and others.

Canada Carbon Rebate 2024

In provinces where the charges of federal fuel apply, the family of four will gain up to $1800 under the base Canada Carbon Rebates in 2024-2025.

In April 2024 residents of provinces like New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and others will receive their 1st of four quarterly Canada Carbon Rebate Payments, with extra payments in July 2024, October 2024, and January 2025.

To receive their Canada Carbon Rebate, candidates are required to file their yearly tax return. To achieve the rural top-up, rural-based residents must check the corresponding box on their tax return.

Quarterly Canada Carbon Rebate Amounts for 2024-25 as specified by the Ministry of Finance

First Adult $225 $150 $140 $188 $95 $103 $110 $149
Rural $270 $180 $168 $225.60 $114 $123.60 $110 $178.80
Second Adult $112.50 $75 $70 $94 $47.50 $51.50 $55 $74.50
Rural $135 $90 $84 $112.80 $57 $61.80 $55 $89.40
Each Child $56.25 $37.50 $35 $47 $23.75 $25.75 $27.50 $37.25
Rural $67.50 $45 $42 $56.40 $28.50 $30.90 $27.50 $44.70
Family of 4 $450 $300 $280 $376 $190 $206 $220 $298
Rural $540 $360 $336 $451.20 $228 $247.20 $220 $357.60

Canada Carbon Rebate Eligibility Criteria

The various eligibility criteria followed by the aspirants for applying for the Canada Carbon Rebate 2024 are given below –

Canada Carbon Rebate 2

  • Residency – You must be a resident of Canada on the first day of the payment month.
  • Age – You must be 19 years old or older at the start of the payment month.
  • Province – You must reside in a province that applies the federal fuel charge (excluding provinces with their own carbon pricing systems such as Quebec and BC)
  • Income – Your individual or family income must fall within the eligibility thresholds depending on your household size and province.

How to claim the Canada Carbon Rebate 2024

The steps which is need to follow by the people to claim the Canada Carbon Tax Refund are-

  • Firstly you verify your eligibility and then determine whether you are eligible to apply.
  • Then you should monitor the CRA portal and bide your time till the quarter ends.
  • In case you qualify the sum will be credited instantly to your bank account through the Canada Revenue Agency.
  • Applications for Carbon Tax Rebates are accepted by citizens of each province in Canada.

Canada Carbon Rebate 2024 Payment Date  

Quarter Carbon Tax Rebate Payment Dates
1 15th January 2024
2 15th April 2024
3 15th July 2024
4 15th October 2024


The Canada Carbon Tax Rebate 2024 typically ranges from $250-$500 and varies according to Province to Province.

The payment is credited to people’s bank accounts after being collected through industries at a fixed rate by production of carbon.

Income Threshold for Canada Carbon Tax Rebate

The Canada Carbon Rebate does not have a single income threshold for all Canadians. Instead eligibility is based on 2 factors –

  • First one is your province of residence means different provinces have varying charges fuel rates, impacting the threshold at which the rebate offers no benefit.
  • Second is size of your household which means bigger families have huge thresholds to account for enhanced energy consumption.  

To clarify the above mentioned two points table is shown below –

Province Family of Four Threshold Individual (Single Adult) Threshold Individual (Second Adult) Threshold
Alberta $116,939 $60,720 $30,360
Saskatchewan $90,705 $46,894 $23,447
Manitoba $76,472 $39,646 $19,823
Ontario $72,208 $37,385 $18,692
New Brunswick $70,424 $36,400 $18,200
Prince Edward Island $55,280 $28,704 $14,352
New Scotia $51,712 $27,016 $13, 508
Newfoundland and Labrador $57,744 $29,904 $14,952

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