IRAS Tax Refund – Step-by-step Guide to Claim Online!

When a tax credit emerges, IRAS will immediately return the credit and impose interest on any credits that are not repaid within 30 days. This does not include circumstances in which there will be no automatic IRAS Tax Refund.

IRAS Tax Refund

When a tax credit emerges, IRAS will immediately return the credit and impose interest on any credits that are not repaid within 30 days at This does not include circumstances in which there will be no automatic tax refunds.

There are many ways to get your tax credits back: check, GIRO, PayNow, or telegraph transfer. Sometimes IRAS’s effort to return your tax credits may fail to be successful; for example, maybe you have left Singapore, or perhaps your postal address or bank account still needs to be updated in our systems. When this happens, IRAS will try to contact you to return your tax credits.

GST and Corporate Tax refunds are not accessible by check. By August 31, 2024, IRAS will distribute the revised notifications of assessment. To get your returns, we advise you to connect your IDs to PayNow or register for GIRO. 

How to Claim the IRAS Tax Refund? 

Claiming an IRAS (Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore) tax refund involves several steps, and the process may vary based on your circumstances and the type of refund you are eligible for. Below is a general guide on how to claim an IRAS tax refund:

IRAS Tax Refund

  • Before proceeding with the claim, ensure that you are eligible for a tax refund. Common scenarios include overpaid taxes, tax deductions, or tax credits.
  • Your document sent by IRAS outlines your income, tax liability, and any refunds due. Review this document to understand your tax situation and identify if you are eligible for a refund.
  • If you find errors in your additional information, you can submit a revision request online through the myTax Portal on the IRAS website Ensure that all relevant documents are attached to support your request.
  • Access the myTax Portal on the IRAS website using your SingPass or IRAS PIN. If you do not have an account, you can create one on the portal.
  • Once logged in, navigate to the “View Account Summary” section to get an overview of your tax account. This will show your tax position and any outstanding payments or refunds.
  • If you are eligible for a refund, you can initiate the process through the myTax Portal. Look for options on the portal like “File Form for Refund” or similar.
  • Fill out the required forms with accurate information. This may include your bank details for direct credit of the refund, supporting documents for deductions or credits, and any other relevant information.
  • Before submission, review all the information you provided to ensure accuracy. Incorrect details can delay the processing of your refund.
  • Once satisfied with the information provided, submit the refund claim through the myTax Portal.
  • The processing time for tax refunds can vary. IRAS will review your claim, and if everything is in order, they will process the refund.
  • If your refund claim is approved, the refund amount will be credited directly to your bank account. You will receive a notification through the myTax Portal once the refund is processed.
  • It’s important to keep records of all communications, submissions, and approvals related to your tax refund for future reference.

How do I pay my IRAS Tax?

Within one month of the date on your tax bill, you must pay your income tax. You may use Internet Banking, AXS Station, or GIRO to pay your taxes. The majority of our taxpayers use GIRO to pay their taxes. Learn more about the various methods of payment.

After receiving their tax bills, taxpayers who are having financial problems are encouraged to get in touch with IRAS to establish an appropriate payment plan. If you are paying using GIRO, you may use your Singpass to apply for a longer payment plan via the myTax Portal’s “Apply for Payment Plan” digital service.

Qualifying for IRAS Tax Refund

If a resident professional wants to get a tax refund, they must:

  • possess physical presence in Singapore for a minimum of 183 days throughout the relevant calendar year; and
  • Complete Form B.

Completing Form B

Declare all sources of income received from Singapore, including employment and professional income;

Provide the following information to IRAS:

A physical presence schedule attesting to the resident professional’s minimum 183 days of presence in Singapore throughout the calendar year; copies of the Confirmation of Payment letters, or withholding tax receipts, which may be acquired directly from the payer.

When Automatic Tax Refunds Will Not Be Made?

If your tax credit is less than $15 or you have instructed us to hold onto your tax credit for future tax offset, you will not be automatically refunded. Any tax credits that are not repaid will be used against your future tax obligations.

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