AISH Payments Dates 2024, Eligibility Criteria, Benefits, How to apply?

The Alberta provincial government introduced the AISH. According to the name advice, the program aims to provide seriously disabled persons with a steady source of income.

AISH Payments Dates 2024

In each month on the 1st (or if the designated day is not a business day, on the final business day of the preceding month), AISH payments are disbursed. The dates for 2024 are given below –

Month of Assistance Payment Dates Days between Payments
February 02-01-2024,Thursday 41 days
March 02-26-2024, Monday 24 days
April 03-25-2024, Monday 27 days
May 04-25-2024, Thursday 30 days
June 05-28-2024, Tuesday 32 days
July 06-25-2024, Tuesday 27 days
August 07-26-2024, Friday 30 days
September 08-27-2024, Tuesday 31 days
October 09-24-2024, Tuesday 27 days
November 10-28-2024, Monday 33 days
December 11-26-2024, Tuesday 28 days

 The AISH is a program that was created to assist those people who are not able to support their family or themselves through paid employment due to a mental, physical, or cognitive impairment. You remember that AISH is responsible for promoting those people who suffer from disabilities.

Apply for AISH Payment 2024

For AISH 2024 applicants need to follow instructions carefully which are provided below –

AISH Payments Dates 2024

  • Before starting to fill out the form you need to match all eligibility and then proceed.
  • First, you are required to visit the website
  • After that you select the button “Apply for AISH online”
  • After that a new page will appear in front of you where you are required to fill in various details.
  • This includes your date of birth, citizenship/ immigration status, your current location, etc. and also need to tick some options.
  • After that click the button “Save and Continue”
  • After filling in all this information applicants have to review their applications and then they click on the submit button after rechecking all details carefully.

AISH Payment 2024 Eligibility Criteria

For gaining and applying for the AISH payment applicants need to fulfill all eligibility which are given below –

  • The minimum age of applicants must be 18 years old.
  • You must reside in Alberta and also be a permanent citizen or resident of Canada.
  • You are not in a correctional facility or a certain mental health facility such as Alberta Hospital.
  • The applicant must remember that their non-exempt income must be $ 100000 which will be considered under the Alberta works benefit program.

AISH Payment Benefits 2024

Living Allowances

  • As per this program applicants receive $1863 in terms of monthly living allowances.
  • This amount enhanced in both 2023 and 2024 after staying constant for 4 consecutive years  

Child Benefits

  • The additional monthly amount for every dependent child.
  • Here you receive around $222 which is very good.

Health Benefits

  • Prescription drugs which are listed on the Government of Alberta drug benefit list.
  • Dental services, including cleaning, checkups, and others.
  • Optical coverage includes eye exams and glasses.
  • Emergency ambulance trips.

Personal Benefits  

  • Three kinds of personal advantages include health-related, children benefits etc.
  • Support with costs for different health-associated supports, services, and equipment.
  • Coverage for particular requirements associated with care or education to children.

Ways to Get AISH Payment 2024

The payments are made via direct deposit in two ways –

Preparing your direct deposit forms

  • Filling and signing the Direct Deposit Registration form writing VOID on unsigned cheque and attaching it to the form.
  • Or print your online bank account data, involving your name, bank number, branch number and account number, and attach it to the form.
  • After that, finally, facilitate the documents to your AISH employee.

Take help from your bank

  • Have your bank support fill, stamp, and sign the Direct Deposit Registration Form.
  • Sign the form
  • Give the form to your AISH employee.
  • Get papers from the bank that involve your name and banking data.

Customers who enrolled in the program AISH in Alberta gain various advantages to help their financial and health requirements. With AISH weaker sections and disabled people can improve their lifestyle effectively.

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